2018 AzFOA Valley of the Sun Football Officiating Clinic

AzFOA Valley of the Sun Football Officiating Clinic

The AzFOA, in partnership with the Gridiron Football League, is proud to announce the 4th annual AzFOA Valley of the Sun Football Officiating Clinic (VOSOC). This year's clinic will take place on Friday, February 16th and Saturday, February 17th 2018 at a valley high school (TBD). Back by popular demand, the clinic will be two days in length with the classroom portion being extended to Friday evening and fieldwork on Saturday officiating live adult football action. The clinic is designed to introduce officials to 7-person mechanics and focuses on improving overall football officiating skills and philosophy. Those chosen for this year's clinic will gain experience participating in adult Gridiron Football League games while receiving valuable feedback and review from current Division I, II and WSFL football officials.

Added Value! - In addition to the extra classroom session, this year's clinic will feature four crews each working a full game from start to finish! Each crew's game video will also be evaluated in Hudl!

Classroom sessions held prior to field work will review rule applications, mechanics, and philosophies. Students will also have the benefit of having their officiating filmed and reviewed on HUDL by the same clinicians.

The fee to participate in the VOSOC is $125.00. Sign-up today for this exciting opportunity by submitting your registration before January 1, 2018. Selected participants will be notified via email no later than January 14, 2018.

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Any questions please contact us via email at vosoc@azfoa.org

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Do I need to be an AzFOA member?
A - Yes, you must be a member to take part in this clinic. Must be at least a level 2 or transfer official. Friends and family are welcome as spectators - a $5.00 gate fee applies for each visitor.
Q - What is the date of the clinic?
A - Friday, February 16, 2018 and Saturday, February 17, 2018
Q - What are the positions for the Clinic?
A - The positions will be: Umpire, Side Judge, Field Judge, Back Judge, Head Linesman, and Line Judge.
Q - What type of official can benefit most from this clinic?
A - All officials would benefit from the instruction. The clinic is ideal for any official who is ready to take their officiating to the next level.
Q - How many students will be able to fill the positions?
A - The Clinic will look to fill 4 registrants per position. We will also identify an alternate for each crew.
Q - Why can't I register as a Referee?
A - A seasoned 7-man Referee will be on the field for each game.
Q - What time will I be required to be at the classroom?
A - Class will be on Friday, February 16th, 2018 at (TBD) - Class will begin at 6:00 PM and will conclude at 9:00 PM.
Q - Where is the location of the clinic?
Q - What time will I be required to be at the field?
A - This depends on the game time and the contest assigned to each crew. The first game will begin at 10:00 A.M with the last one starting at 7:00 P.M. Plan to be at the field for several hours but your designated arrival times will be supplied at a later date.
Q - Can I use my AIA 2” striped shirt on game day?
A - Yes. Please do not buy a new shirt for this event. The logo will not be an issue. However, if you have a 2" striped shirt w/o an AIA logo, please wear that.
Q - Will food be served?
A - Yes, the Clinic will host a dinner the night of the classroom portion of the clinic. For the day of the fieldwork, a light breakfast, water, and lunch will be provided. Please advise of any special dietary by emailing vosoc@azfoa.org as soon as possible. Additionally, vending machines are not available; however, a small concession stand will be operating for your convenience.
Q - What is the cost of the clinic?
A - The cost of the clinic is $125.00
Q - What should I wear?
A - For the classroom session: Comfortable clothing preferable - shorts/pants and a collared (polo) shirt. No gym attire please.
For the fieldwork (dressing areas will be provided): 2" stripe officials shirt, black officiating pants with 1 1/4" white stripe, yellow flag, whistle, black bean bag, black hat with white piping, black shoes, and black socks.
Q - What should I bring?
A - Sunscreen, a water bottle, paper and pen for notes, mechanics manual, and College Rules book. Also any additional food or drinks you wish to bring.
Q - How long will the clinic last?
A - The classroom portion will last 3 hours. The field work will last for several hours on Satruday.
Q - What will the clinic consist of?
A - This year's clinic be two days and consist of both classroom and field work. The afternoon will consist of full semi pro-football games and live action snaps.
Q - How much field time will I receive?
A - All clinic attendees will be guaranteed to work a FULL game this year. We will create 4 full crews and each crew will work a single game from start to finish.