Become a football official?

How to Become a Football Official?

So you are interested in becoming a football official? We are excited for you to join the elite crew of Arizona Football Officials. Our hope is that you will take your passion and excitement for the game of football and strive to be the best football official possible! We want to help you along the way.

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Below is some general information to help you get you moving in the right direction.

Officials are often asked, "How did you get started in officiating?" In most cases, the answer lies within. The journey to football officiating begins with a passion for the game. When fond football memories are shared and that passion is prevalent, a person close to the game - usually a working football official - encourages that final step toward football officiating.


AIA's Q&A on "How to Become a Sports Official" can be found here.


What does the AzFOA do for new officials?

  • Provide training for new officials.
  • Enlist new officials in the Mentor Program.
  • Provide officials to work in local youth football leagues.
  • Provide the AzFOA website that has a wealth of knowledge.


What can I expect during my 1st year?

New officials will work JV, Freshman, and Youth Games. Games run on Wednesday Night(Freshman), Thursday night(JV) and Saturday all-day(Youth). High School games will come through AIA and that AzFOA has a working relationship with many youth football leagues. Training starts in July with classes 2 nights a week.


What equipment do I need?

Officials shall purchase and maintain their uniforms and equipment. Officials will be required to wear the uniform as indicated. Uniform, including shoes, should appear clean.

  • Black football cap (sized) with white piping.
  • Black and white vertically striped (2 in.), short sleeve knit shirt with knit cuff and Byron collar.
  • All black belt
  • All black shorts or black shorts with white vertically striped (1 1/4")
  • Black or white socks
  • Black football shoes with black shoelaces. (Shoes may have some white markings)
  • No jewelry. (Wedding rings and medical alert bracelets are an exception)
  • No watches. (Except as needed for timing purposes)

The following equipment is required to be carried by all game officials, unless noted by position.
  • Whistle (Fox 40) with all black lanyard
  • Game card and pencil
  • Down indicator
  • Penalty flag
  • Chain Clip (Head Linesman)
  • Beanbag (Blue, Black, or White)


What if I am transferring from another state:

Again follow the steps above. In the Valley varsity games are assigned by crews. As an experienced transfer official you are eligible to join a Varsity Crew right away. To get on a crew use the I Need a Crew page, once you become a member of the AzFOA

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