Arizona Football Officials Association Hall of Fame

Tom Scarduzio Jr. - Class of 2010

1979 - 2007 High school football official, AIA except 2 years because of knee injury. 15 years as an Instructor High School football rules. Officiated 3 state championship games at Sun Devil Stadium. Officiated 2 state all-star 1986-2005 Junior college football official. Officiated Valley of the Sun Bowl games including a National Championship. 1997-2007 Supervisor of Officials of the ACCAC/WSFL. In 1985, along with Hank Mancini created the first ever training film for officials made exclusively from films of local high school football officials officiating high school games. When our association was given permission to use 5 officials on varsity games there were no mechanics available for Back Judges. I wrote the Back Judge mechanics that were adopted and taught the Back Judge classes.Responsible for introducing the concept of "philosophies’" to Arizona high school football. Responsible for introducing a standardized concept of unsportsmanlike conduct as it applies to behavior and language on the field in Arizona high school football. Member of the first Advisory Committee responsible for revising 5 man mechanics in Arizona. During the time off for my knee injury I developed, trained and assigned the observers in the observer program. I also observed each crew that officiated a St. Mary's home game at Phoenix College for those 2 years. Organized and conducted several on field mechanics clinics. Conducted clinics with Hank Mancini in Bullhead City and Flagstaff. Presenter at the clinics in Round Valley. Presenter at white hat clinics in Phoenix. Instructor of the 3's & 4's from our association.