Arizona Football Officials Association Hall of Fame

Hank Mancini - Class of 2009

Began officiating in 1974 in Massachusetts where NCAA rules were used for high school football. I received varsity assignments beginning in my third year. I was a rules instructor for my officiating association. Also, I worked varsity games on the islands of Marthaís Vineyard and Nantucket. Moved to Phoenix in 1979 and registered with the AIA. I became a crew chief in 1983. Developed the first film review of officials with Tom Scarduzio and Bob Sietsema. I was elected to the Region II Football Officials Board in 1985 and was the instructor for the Moon Valley rules classes. I was elected to Vice President of the Region II Board in 1987. Served as Board President from 1988 until 1993. Chaired the first White Hat meeting in 1991. Was a strong proponent for the 5th official. Developed the first Football Officiating camp in 1995 with Ed Trexlor and Tom Frazier. Ran officiating camps in Phoenix, Tucson, and Round Valley from 1995 until 2001. Also, ran officiating camps in Bull Head City and Flagstaff. From 2004 until the present, served as trainer, with Tom Scarduzio, Matt Widmann and DeWayne Demland, for the 4ís and 3ís meetings held at the AIA office. During the early 2000ís, was a clinician at the White Hat and Coaches seminars. I served on the AZFOA Advisory committee for 4 years. Have also mentored numerous crews and acted as a game observer. I have worked 6 Championships and 2 All Star games. Was inducted into the AZFOA Hall of Fame in July 2009. In 1993, was invited into the ACCAC Junior College Football Officials Association in 1993. I was the first official accepted into the Junior College officiating as a Referee. Was Treasurer of the WSFL Officials Association from 2000 until 2006. I have worked 5 Valley of the Sun Bowl games, including the 2005 National Championship game between Glendale Community College and Grand Rapids Community College. Was inducted into the WSFL Hall of Fame January 2010.